TweetDeck for Android is moving closer to reality

TweetDeck is no doubt one of the most popular Twitter clients out there. It claims to be five times bigger than its closest competitor in terms of usage. It is extremely easy to use, supports all features of the websites in addition with filters, lists and much more.


On Sunday this 4th of July, the TweetDeck blog announced at its second birthday that it has some big plans for the future. TweetDeck is already available for the iPhone and it has been downloaded over 2.5 million times. TweetDeck for Android was showcased at the Google I/O conference and was never heard of since then. However an update has come up on the TweetDeck blog announcing plans for the next year of its term.

Iain Dodsworth writing at the TweetDeck blog announces,

Our Android TweetDeck is a great example of our belief that “true multi-stream”, theintersection of social networks, can be infinitely greater than the sum of its parts – or to put it another way TweetDeck should be more about what your friends are saying rather than the networks they are using to say it.

TweetDeck for the desktop already supports other networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Buzz and Foursquare others.

TweetDeck was recently showcased at the Google I/O conference and it seems like they already have some sort of a pre-beta release in store. However, they urged people strictly not to take any pictures. Therefore, we still do not have any idea of how it looks and feels. This is their attempt to build up a hype. Though, I do not see any better time for making a release. TweetDeck can just swoop in and fill the void with its features right now. However if the release is delayed, TweetDeck will face tough competition from Seesmic and TwitterDroyd on Android. Though, this comes to the advantage of the end user as competition makes these companies give their best.

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