Upgrade to LauncherPro Plus

I’m sure almost all of you have heard of or tried LauncherPro, one of the most popular free applications in the Android Market. This is a home replacement application that allows for something a little like the Android 2.1 Launcher with super-smooth screen switching, dock icons at the bottom, and a list of features that would take ages to name.

LauncherPro, most would agree, has become one of the fastest and most popular launchers for the Android platform. It has remained free in the Android Market sporting the Beta tag for a few months and surpassed more than 250,000 downloads and more than 40,000 ratings. So enough about the beta version of the application. A few weeks ago the developer Fede Carnales shed the Beta tag on LauncherPro and released the Plus version that includes a number of notable features.

Here’s a tutorial on simply and easily upgrading to the LauncherPro Plus version before the price increases from it’s current $2.99 to an unnanounced amount:

First, visit the LauncherPro Plus site and click the “Buy Now” link below the article that takes you to a Paypal link directly to the developer. You will receive an email from the developer with your LauncherPro unlock key. Copy this key down, say in a notepad document and have it ready in your device’s clipboard.

Next you’re going to want to update to the latest version of LauncherPro in the Android marketplace. If you don’t alredy have the Launcher in your downloads section you can get it here:

After you’ve upgraded to the latest version and set it as your default home screen, make sure you are on your homescreen and hit the menu button, then preferences. In preferences, scroll down – 5th from the bottom you should see a section to upgrade and unlock LauncherPro Plus features. This is where you’ll need that unlock key. Input the Paypal email address you used to pay the developer and the emailed unlock code you copied down earlier.

This should be all you need to confirm your upgrade to the full version of LauncherPro Plus. Enjoy!

You’re probably wondering what exactly you’re paying for. The most noticeable added feature of this release of the Plus version is the ‘People Widget’ that is detailed in the screenshots below:

Here is a list provided by the developer on upcoming features he has planned and may even actually be working on as you read this article. You will receive updates for LauncherPro in the Android market in the future even if you are a free user. You will not be able, however, to use the Plus version’s features if you have not input your code. Here are the Plus version features:

*People Widget – To quickly access all your contacts, or just your favorites, or a particular group. [Included in this release]
*Bookmarks Widget – Quick access to your browser’s bookmarks
*Friends Widget – Lists your friend’s status updates from Facebook and Twitter, and lets you update your own status too.
*Calendar/Agenda Widget – Shows you a calendar you can scroll through to switch months, and also lets you see your agenda for any *particular day right within the widget.
*Messaging – Scroll through a list of your SMS messages or one by one. Quick links to delete messages, reply, etc.

For more information, visit: http://www.launcherpro.com/
Thanks – Enjoy!