Droid X uses Five times more Data Bandwidth than other Phones

Droid X sports a large screen and ironically, it has equally humongous data usages as well! The Droid X is seen as the next big name in the world of Android devices and Verizon has been more than happy to have this beast under its banner. However, the data usages from Droid X devices has probably fueled Verizon’s decision to curb its unlimited data usage plans and put stupid restrictions on its network usage.


At the same time, Verizon is excited to see this accelerated usage of its network. The data usage estimated at five times can usurp some decisive discussions. According to Verizon business development executive director Jennifer Byrne,

The Droid X is seeing something like 5x the data usage of any other device.

This can be attributed only to the amount of videos Verizon customers on Droid X are watching on their giant screens. This is using most of the bandwidth followed by app installs. For always, there is an immense amount of web-surfing going on. When hardware already provides these capabilities, it is time the network supports this level of usage.

(Image via: verizon-phones.org)
(News via: Androidcentral)

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