Voice input coming soon to Swype

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Swype, this quick explanation should help. Swype is a keyboard replacement that works in an innovative way. Instead of just typing on the keyboard, you use your finger to trace through words. Once you lift your finger, an algorithm built into Swype determines what word you are trying to use based on the letters your ran your finger through. The purpose of Swype is to make typing faster and more intuitive. Wouldn’t typing be faster if you weren’t typing at all? What if you could just talk into your device and Swype would take care of the rest? According to Swype forums, over 2,000 (I’m sure there a lot more out there) voters said yes. Oddly enough, Swype is going to listen and actually do it. Coming out in the next Swype builds on the DROID X and Galaxy S, Swype will include voice input. Sure other companies may have released it first, but it’s nice to see Swype listening to their community. Just remember, if you want to see something changed in an app or a feature added, it never hurts to ask.

Via Android Spin