What is the HTC Ace?

Take this with the usual caution you do a rumor, but the whispers are finally getting louder on the HTC Ace. So what exactly is the HTC Ace? Essentially, we are looking at a UK bound modified GSM EVO, that looks more like an Incredible. The specs are looking like this:

Android 3.0
4.3 in. display (This display will be a HTC’s own rival to the Super AMOLED display)
1.5 GHz processor
8 MP camera and 1.3 MP front facing camera
Much better battery
1080p HD recording

It is also possible that we are looking at a GSM variant of the highly rumored HTC Sabor. Roughly the same specs, just a different radio. Look for more info to drop soon enough, but keep in mind, it’s all still one big giant rumor.

Via Android Spin