aSpiritBomb premium Live Wallpaper

I’m a sucker for quality psychedelic visuals and a fan of innovative Live Wallpaper so I was thrilled to discover aSpiritBomb (¥99, currently $1.10) in the Android Market. A combination of outer space adventure and ghost hunting, aSpiritBomb causes little orbs of light to hover around your screen, orbited by other specs of light, gravitating to a primary light source in the center of the screen. All of this occurs on the backdrop of pinpoints of light that look like floating glitter.

The whole shebang is pretty customizable and very, very fun. If you are as distracted and enthralled by shiny objects and twinkling lights as I am, give this one a go. aSpiritBomb is apparently a reference to Dragon Ball Z, which I know nothing about. Here it is running on the EVO 4G: