audiogalaxy repurposed for dead simple streaming

There are several options for streaming your desk/laptop music library over the Internet to your mobile Android. Gmote was one of my faves for a while there, not only because of its long list of features unrelated to music, but because it was friendly with Windows, Mac, and Linux, to varying degrees. However, as much as I love the app and excellent support, GMote might be a bit complicated for the average consumer. Other solutions can be had at the moment, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, but I don’t believe any make Internet streaming as easy as audiogalaxy – the P2P file sharing software turned personal radio station.

Now, I can’t say I’ve tried the new audiogalaxy because they aren’t accepting new registrations at the moment. But lifehacker has written up the process, and it definitely sounds good enough to sign up for notification when new accounts become available. What’s great is that the host program runs on Windows or Mac (I suspect Linux users will be able to pull it off as well, using Wine or some hack). What’s greater is that the system is virtually platform agnostic when it comes to the receiving end. That is, dedicated apps exist for Android and iOS, but music can be streamed to any (capable) browser.

So you have your application on the server where you keep your stash and it scans your DRM-free tracks for playback. Install the Android app, sign in, and boom! Internet streaming made simple. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work out and I’m itching to try it. What about you all? Any DroidDog readers out there have an existing audiogalaxy account they can test this with and report back?

Via lifehacker

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