Baby Savers game dev wants testers

Do you remember that bizarre 2D DOS game from 1984 called Bouncing Babies, where you play the role of two firefighters trying to transport – with a trampoline – infants that have been flung out of the windows of a burning building? Me neither, but it did exist, and I’ve embedded a migrane-inducing video below to prove it. Geez, there are a lot of babies in that burning building.

The second video below, however, is the subject of this post. It’s the re-imagining of the old classic by Android devs FatHat Games. The new title, called Baby Savers, features much improved graphics and (thank your lucky stars) new sound effects. I might end up dropping babies on purpose just to hear the sloppy smoosh. *Oh my gosh, that’s terrible.* In the video, you’ll see Alpha-level performance and completeness, but FatHat is nearing beta and they need some testers. If you want a shot at the game and can provide helpful feedback, apply here. Splatt! Splatt!

The original:

The new vision:

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