Bizarre bug plagues Galaxy S devices

I’ve seen plenty of seemingly random device resets, in diverse situations and with a variety of phones. Sometimes it happens while launching an app, others, manipulating the camera software is enough to induce a spontaneous reboot. I can think of more than one occasion where looking at a device from the wrong angle – or perhaps with the stink eye – has cut power to a phone, leaving me with a splash screen and a mouthful of insults.

Someone at Gizmodo France recently ran into this problem with their own Galaxy S, and rather than shrug the mishap off with a bit of frustration, they contacted Samsung, and received a strange response. What did toubleshooters discover? Hooking a Galaxy S up to a computer via USB is just fine, unless the gadget is host to a file or files with an extension exceeding 15 characters. Wow. Who makes a file with a 16-character extension? Seesmic, apparently (Google Translate link). Deleting the culprit file fixed the odd bug.

The crash is documented in the French-narrated and English subtitled video below:

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 – Crash "MTP application"
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Via Gizmodo France by way of Phandroid