CyanogenMod 6 stable release

It’s unlikely that any of you that are familiar with CyanogenMod have been waiting for this particular moment to flash version 6 of the most popular cooked Android ROM. Nightly builds and release candidates are probably holding fort on as many devices as any previous version of the CyanogenMod team’s software. Nevertheless, this milestone should inspire you hackers out there to update or flash afresh, as CyanogenMod 6 represents a high water mark in phone hacking and the culmination of the diligent work of many brilliant folks.

Here is the announcement post over at CyanogenMod, and you can look up device-specific information in the CM forums.

CM 6 brings Android 2.2, as well as a host of exclusive features and optimizations, to the Nexus One, Desire, G1, MT3G, MT3GS, EVO, CDMA Hero, and the original Droid.

Via CyanogenMod by way of the Twitterverse