Dell Streak dismantled

Everyone loves a good tear down, and the more distinguished or popular the device, the better the breakdown. Dell’s 5-inch-display-packin’ beast, Streak, is one of those stand-out gadgets that bridges the gap between phone and tablet, and that certainly raises questions about the cost of repairs and the ability of consumers to fix things at home.

iFixit has taken the Streak apart one piece at a time, meticulously documenting the process with high-rez images, as they’re known to do. And what’s particularly interesting about this tear down – aside from its subject being a prominent new Android – is that it’s the first device to receive iFixit’s new “repairability” score, as seen below:

Dell Streak Repairability: 8 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)
Good: Replacing the battery is super easy and takes less than one minute.
Good: Opening the device requires prying the bezels and removing five screws.
Good: Cables use standard connectors, including our favorite, ZIF connectors.
Neutral: The rear panel feels cheap and deforms easily for a $600 device.
Bad: The LCD is bonded to the Gorilla Glass, increasing the cost of fixing the device if you break just the glass.

Head on over to iFixit for the complete tear down.

Via iFixit by way of Phandroid