Dish Network sends out Google TV survey

When Google TV was officially announced at the search megalith’s I/O conference in May, there was mention of a partnership with satellite content provider, DIsh Network, to bring a seamless experience between existing Dish Network services and those provided by Google. And while you’ll soon be able to buy a Logitech set-top box called Revue for your Google TV needs, and while Sony is working on releasing a Google TV…TV, Dish Network has their own DVR/receiver/Google TV/Blu-ray in mind. At least, those are the integrated features they are considering, along with a stand-alone Google TV that would require a down payment and monthly installments. They want to know what options their customers find most appealing.

It sounds like things are coming together behind the scenes over at Dish Network, and hopefully, we’ll have some official announcement by year’s end. On a side note, I really enjoyed DIsh Network’s service (local contractors excluded) and considered myself a satisfied customer while I was one. My current living situation doesn’t allow dish installations, but if I could have a dish, it would bear the Dish Network brand. I think this partnership is very promising and I hope I can enjoy it when the time comes. See all of the watermarked survey slides over at Android Guys.

Via Android Guys

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