DROID and DROID X Froyo updates: not yet, folks

I’m hesitant to post on the early availability of Froyo updates after I jumped the gun on bringing 2.2 to my EVO, and it’s just a well. Turns out that a file referred to by many as the Froyo update for DROID X was nothing more than the flash for the original DROID. I’m glad I didn’t make a video about that one.

More surprizing is that the FRG01B OTA that hit a few phones on Tuesday after being available for manual install has been put on hold due to technical problems. However, FRG22 has been spotted on the original DROID and is now thought to be replacing FRG01B. If that sounds like a bunch of gibberish to you, it translates to, “always wait for the OTA to show up…then wait some more.”

Things sure do get complicated when people are anxious to update. Aren’t we all though?

Via IntoMobile and Android Central