DROID Incredible lands a Froyo ROM

Oh the speed of the internet. Just as quickly as a rumor of a September 1st release date for the Dinc’s Froyo update is announced and smashed, a ROM sporting exactly that has surfaced. Of course, you have to be rooted with a custom recovery to install this ROM, but you already knew that right? Before I go any further, what you decide to do with your device is your choice and your choice alone. We here at DroidDog can’t be held responsible, nor is it likely we know how to fix any sort of problem that arises. That’s what forums are for. So here’s how to get everything headed in that direction:

Head on over to this XDA thread and follow the directions carefully. This will get you into root and give you a custom recovery.

After that, you can find the new Froyo RUU with instructions here.

There are two very important things to remember with doing these kind of things: Number one would be that these methods change with lightening speed. By the time you read this, everything may be different, but the information will be covered in the original XDA threads posted above. Secondly, this is a good sign for you Incredible users out there who are playing it safe. The update is definitely being tested out there and it will only be a matter of time until you are eating delicious Froyo with the rest of ‘em.

Via Android Central