Epic 4G hits the streets

I’m curious about how many of you were out there (or are out there right now) for Sprint’s 8:00 opening on the Epic 4G launch day. Stores across the country have or will open early, selling the QWERTY-packin’ WiMAX version of Samsung’s Galaxy S for $249.99 after contract and rebate, and we want to know what you think. Have you bought an Epic? Did you try a demo and decide against it? Are you absolutely obsessed with the phone but short on cash? Let us know in the comments below.

If you get yourself an Epic today and make a video of it, we’ll embed it right here in this post, as long as it’s very safe for work and of reasonable quality. It doesn’t have to be Scorsese, but turn on the lights and try to keep the camera still, OK? Just hit the “Submit News” link at the top of the page and send us the URL of your YouTube/Vimeo/whatever video, and we’ll embed it below.