EVO and Incredible rooted…forever?

All of us EVO owners should be up to speed and “back on official track” with HTC’s release schedule, and that sounds like the perfect situation for hacking! (For me, that is. Anything you do to your phone is done at YOUR OWN RISK.) And as I contemplated my options last night, I decided to hit up unrevoked.com to see where their simple rooting method was at for Froyo-touting EVOs.

I was happy to find after clicking selection their EVO option – the same can be said for Incredible – that underneath the download link for unrevoked 3 – their “painless root and flash” system – sits unrevoked forever. Tagline: Your phone today; your phone tomorrow. This hack is designed to keep your device rooted even after installing official updates that would have previously taken away root privileges. Suddenly, the name unrevoked is the ultimate and accurate brand for one of the pillars of Android hacking.

Be sure to read all of the information at the download site before trying anything. Oh, and stay tuned for video…

Via unrevoked