Fascinate up for pre-order now from Best Buy

For those of you who have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Fascinate, you’re one step closer. Starting today Reward Zone members can pre-order the Fascinate from Best Buy, and non Reward Zone members will be eligible on Sunday, the 29th. Everything seems to line up just fine for that September 9th launch; Warehouse stock, internal leaks and all. The only thing out of place here is a lack of release date confirmation and price from Best Buy:

“Pre-orders can be made by visiting any local Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile standalone store. Pricing and launch dates for the Samsung Fascinate, which is a member of the Galaxy Series, will be announced soon.”

If the release of the Fascinate really is just over a week away, look for the info to spill anytime now. Is anyone going to go give this a shot? Let us know in the comments!

Via Android Central