Froyo for the Moto DROID available now

Before I even get into this post, this is one of those EVO update situations. The Froyo update floating around on the internet right now is claimed to be official, but unless you receive it OTA, it’s not official. It goes without saying, but whatever happens to your device should you decide to flash this is your problem, and yours alone. Of course, by the time I get done posting this, it will probably have gone through OTA, and none of this will mean anything. Now then, on to the good stuff.

Other than what you read above, this post needs to formal introduction. To download the newest firmware for your Motorola DROID, download the .zip from here or here, and follow the instructions below:

-Download the update file and rename it to
—Note #2: Make sure you didn’t rename this to by accident, if your Windows is configured to not show file extensions.
-Place in the root of your SD card (connect via USB and mount as a drive, transfer via Bluetooth, download directly on the phone by clicking the links above or scanning the QR codes – pick your poison).
-Reboot into recovery mode (power off, then hold the keyboard X button and press the power button).
-You will be presented with the recovery menu.
–Note: you may see an exclamation (!) point at this stage. Hold the Volume Up button, then press the Camera button – this should load the recovery screen.
-Select “apply” or “install from .zip” (depending on your recovery image).
-The installation process will take 10-15 minutes and one reboot.

So what exactly will you be enjoying?

if you hold Home, now the Recently Used program list contains 8 programs instead of 6 and is no longer boxed in
5 homescreens instead of 3
USB tethering is here
Froyo WiFi tethering is not
auto-rotation now rotates both clockwise and counter-clockwise
Flash is not enabled or even present from what I can tell. It is also not available in the Market. Update: you can download and install Flash manually from here
the app launcher now has faded and darkened top and bottom edges
changed SMS app
changed Alarm app
the dock mode Home button flow is fixed – now hitting Home when the phone is docked goes back to the dock home rather than the home screen
the dock mode now has a screensaver
anything else we’re missing? Note it down in the comments

There you have it guys. Be sure to let us know how the installation goes, and if you want to wait for the OTA to arrive, enjoy the eye-candy below.

Via Android Police, Video via Android Central