G2 is going to be really fast, features Snapdragon/Adreno

Remember the benchmark chart that disclosed HTC’s Glacier was a processing powerhouse? That phone runs the MSM7x30 Snapdragon processor including the Adreno 205 GPU. Thanks to @cyanogen and the leak of some software, we now know that the G2 is packing the very same wallop. As Taylor from Android and Me points out, the phone may not win any awards for blowing contemporary devices completely out of the water, but shipping with 2.2 (and JIT), a hardware keyboard, and full HSPA+ support means that this phone will be on the top of many a shopper’s holiday wish list.

Mr. Kondik, the top of the Cyanogen development team, has apparently been digging through the leaked G2 ROM for information, and tells us what to expect under the hood:

We are currently expecting the G2 to launch at the end of September.

Via @cyanogen by way of Android and Me