G2 software is out and about

If you had any doubt about the common identity of HTC’s HSPA+-capable PC10100, which cleared the FCC yesterday (did anyone, really?), rest assured that confirmation has been achieved via the leak of an apparently Sense-free ROM called “Test rom for HTC Vision / T-Mobile G2 (Android-Froyo 2.2).” So, not only are all of the G2 details falling exactly into place as expected, there’s a chance we’ll have some more information from the leaked software very soon. Perhaps there won’t be any exclusive apps, and maybe we won’t see the monikers of any future devices burined in the code, but perhaps something of interest is in there. If nothing else, maybe we’ll see a pre-release G2 ROM running on a device that’s already hit the streets.

Via Android Guys by way of TMoNews