Galaxy S “lag fix” makes phones FLY

I no longer have a Vibrant in my possession to test this hack, so I can’t personally vouch for it. Also, it’s very clearly designated BETA (in capital red letters) over at the original xda thread where published. What does the hack do? The original poster, RyanZA explains:

“Creates a VIRTUAL EXT2 filesystem inside the stock RFS filesystem on the internal SD card, with a 4KB block size. This means that this lag fix creates a buffer between the real filesystem and the android system. This buffer should reduce the amount of disk I/O required for all operations by utilizing EXT2 buffering, as well as not writing file access times to disk, etc. It allows only 1GB for application data at this stage, down from the 2GB of application data when running stock.”

What does that result in, benchmark-wise? Scott, the reader who sent this in ran Quadrant Standard with his “stock factory 2.1 firmware, rooted w/Busybox 1.17.1 and running Touchwiz 3.0.” Here is the result:

Quadrant Standard

Not bad for a 1-click batch file hack, right?

If you decide to try this hack out (at your own risk), let us know in the comments below what kind of practical difference you notice in daily use. Thanks to Scott for sending this in!

Via xda-developers