Gameloft’s Try & Buy for Android: how to

Some people were a little upset to learn that Gameloft was releasing Android games but only making them available in their own web store – aside from Asphalt HD, which sells for $4.99 in the Market. I can’t think of any other category of app (hi quality 3D games) that might be more tempting for hackers to pirate, but it’s not clear if copy protection is the reason Gameloft chose this route. Whatever the case, the game company has updated it’s model, allowing users to download demo versions of their apps from their store, and, as has been the case for some time, bill any purchases to a carrier. The primary difference here is that the process is much less of a hassle and doesn’t require any text message verification. Check out the how-to video blow, followed by a spot pimping available games:

Thanks to the DroidDog reader that sent this in.