Gingerbread, then Honeycomb

Yes, a lot of people have guessed that the next iteration of Android – after Gingerbread, that is, which most are pinning at version 3.0 – would be called (the registered trademark) Häagen-Dazs. I guess that was just as likely as Hazelnut Hotcakes or Honeypot, but TechRadar has word that the post-GB release of Google’s OS will be referred to as Honeycomb. Sweet!

TR also points out that a search for “Android Honeycomb” reveals the terms popping up together in various places, but as you can imagine, now that the buzz is out that search returns today’s news, mostly.

So if Gingerbread is all about UI and tablet-friendliness, what will Honeycomb be about? Minor fixes and features, most likely. Then again, with Android moving to a yearly update cycle, who knows?