Google and Huawei working side-by-side on new device

Shortly before January 5th, 2010, when the internet first heard whispers that Google would be putting out a device bearing their name, everyone already knew the manufacturer: HTC. Sometime after that, it was rumored that the next device to be launched with Google branding would be manufactured by Motorola. Fast forward several months to now. Google has already said they will not be releasing any more devices in the same manor the Nexus One was, however, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be working with manufacturers in some fashion.

Just earlier today, the Wall Street Journal announced that electronics manufacturer Huawei’s newest Android device was “jointly planned and developed with Google.” The device is going to include Froyo right off the bat, and will be “highly competitive price-wise.” As you can probably gather, this news is intriguing to say the least. Unfortunately, more specs and release/pricing information is still unavailable at this time. Considering that the device will be unveiled at IFA this Thursday, we will known more any minute now. It will be very interesting to see how exactly what kind of device Hauwei and Google have been working on considering Huawei’s track record. The era of cheapy dumb-downed Android devices is at an end. If Huawei really wants to compete, then they are gonna have some major catching up to do.

Via Phandroid