Google announcement tomorrow to be Market related?

That seems to be the general consensus anyway. After all, there is good cause. Take for example, the changes already made to the Android Market in the last day. When you used to search, you didn’t see history and search icons, and now you do. It also doesn’t hurt that Google has been whispering about carrier billing on more than just T-Mobile.

So take these new features, and sprinkle in a little mystery… you got something worth hosting an announcement for. I should note: It’s been long rumored that Google will open a web-based market variant this fall as well. It’s not exactly fall yet, but I wouldn’t put it past Google to pull something like that out of the hat. Of course there is other things that would be nice like making paid apps available in more countries. Paid app availability has been under fire as of late, and this may just be the perfect opportunity to douse the fires of protest.

You don’t have long until we figure out exactly what will be told, but does anyone have a new guess today? This whole thing being Market related sounds right on the money to me. If that’s not it, I don’t know what to think.

Via Android Guys