Google announces Voice Actions and Chrome to Phone

It turns out that Google’s mystery announcement wasn’t about Market improvements, Gingerbread, or any of the other topics guessed at in the blogosphere over the last 24 hours. (Am I wrong? leave a comment, with link.) What Google actually dropped today was a new method of controlling your 2.2 Android with speech called Voice Actions, and a sort of inverse Android2Cloud implementation that allows you to send links, maps, and phone numbers from your computer to your phone via a Chrome browser extension (also requires Android 2.2).

Voice actions comes pre-installed on the DROID 2 and allows you to initiate and control your media player, browser, Maps, email and much more. See Google’s Mobile Blog for details and watch the first video below. You will need to update some apps to enjoy all features. (cont.)

Chrome to phone is a piece of cake to set up and use, and facilitates simple sharing from your Chrome browser with your Android. See Google’s Mobile Blog for more details.

Via Google Mobile Blog (2)

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