HTC event invitations hint at Desire HD

HTC sent out mysterious, smokey invites to European-based tech bloggers (and to those who tend to travel) for a September 15th event this morning, and clever tech enthusiasts around the web have unmasked an image very closely resembling the Desire HD lurking within. We’ve seen that device on video and teased in photographs, but we have yet to experience a proper, powered-on demonstration. It looks like don’t have long to wait though.

The first image below is the press invitation, followed by a manipulated version as seen at A simple change in levels and the already visible but hard-to-pin-down circumference of the camera lens in the photo falls dead center into the body of a phone seen in the last image – namely, the Desire HD…or should I say the HTC Smoke? HTC Fume? HTC Fire Hazard?

Via Gizmodo