HTC preparing to make unofficial EVO 2.2 updates right

Some of us just couldn’t wait for HTC’s official Froyo update for the EVO (beginning to roll out August 3rd) which is to contain numerous fixes and enhancements. I was one of those people. After learning that an update was available on HTC servers, I got busy with my camera and EVO, and bumped up to 2.2. By the time I was done, it was all over the Androidosphere: The update I had installed was not the final release version. The file was removed from HTC’s server (or made unavailable at the existing address) the same night.

Fast forward a few days, and it seems there will be a small price to pay for my impatience in the form of a delayed availability of the official update. HTC just sent out a tweet announcing that those of us who installed prematurely will need to get “back on the official track” before updating to the final Froyo:

“If you applied the unofficial EVO update, we are working to get you back on the official track. We will get back to you in the coming days”

I’m glad to know HTC cares and is working for a solution to this problem, as they never made any official announcement about the early update’s availability. I am curious as to how the link was leaked or discovered though. Anyway, while most of you are downloading the official 2.2 OTA, I’ll probably be waiting for a tutorial from HTC on reversing the premature update or for a new file designed specifically for those in my position.

I’ve had some bad luck with hacking/flashing my EVO at just the wrong moment lately. But I suppose it’s good for one blogger to be in the same situation as the unlucky portion of the public that shares my sense of timing!