HTC Wildfire rooted

It’s been a long time coming Wildfire users, and now’s your time to shine. It may only be soft root (for now), but none the less, the HTC Wildfire has been rooted. NAND has not been unlocked AKA you cannot install custom ROMs quite yet, but apps that require root access are fully working. Those of you seeking a more permanent solution shouldn’t have to wait long as XDA user MartinEve (who is credited with the soft root), is in talks with unrEVOked to cook something up. In the meantime, instructions on how to root your Wildfire can be found below. Be sure to check the original XDA thread for more info as well.

You must have adb working.
Root instructions:
Step 1: Download and install Superuser.apk from the Market. ( )
Step 2: Download my SoftRoot package (…k/SoftRoot.apk )
Step 3: Execute from a command prompt in the directory where you downloaded SoftRoot.apk:
adb install SoftRoot.apk
adb install ./SoftRoot.apk
Step 4: Run the SoftRoot application that is now installed.
The application will now crash. Wait 2 seconds, close it and you are rooted.
You will need to re-perform stage 4, only, each time you reboot.

Via Android Police