KT introduces Identity Tab; has Identity crisis

There has been a lot of talk in the mobile world lately regarding Android manufacturers, ahem, borrowing design ideas from other companies (Apple). The freshly launched KT Tab takes the cake.

The carrier branded Identity is said to boast a 7 inch screen, 1GHz processor, DMB TV tuner, 8GB internal storage, SD card slot, WiFi, WiBro data, Bluetooth, and runs on a slightly modified version of stock Android 2.2. If you happen to live in Korea and wish to purchase the Identity Tab, you can do so for 300,000 won (about $250) off contract, or on a 2 year contract for 27,000 won (about $20) per month.

Big questions on everyones’ mind right now: Will the the Identity be able to compete with the Galaxy S Tab? Probably not. Was it meant to? Probably not. Even though it’s an extremely blatant iPad ripoff, does it still look nice? Yes. Are the features and specs up to par? Most definitely. Will I ever quit answering my own questions? Yes.

Via Phandroid