Live Wallpaper: Wakka Wallpaper

I thought about shooting a video of Jake Wharton’s Wakka Wallpaper, but his own introduction and demonstration video doesn’t leave much room for improvement, so I’m embedding what he’s already posted. The app is only $1.00 in the Android Market, and in the little time that I’ve had it installed, I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

The wallpaper recreates the experience of PacMan on your phone’s home screen. The dots are automatically placed around your icons if you’re using a WVGA screen. Those with other displays can change the settings so that neither the little “chomper” guy or the ghosts will be obscured. Very cool indeed.

Whether you’re a fan of video game nostalgia or just dig all the cool Live Wallpapers hitting the Market these days, Wakka Wallpaper is good addition to your collection. Not only are the animations fun, Jake, new to the Android developer community, is looking for some community development assistance with Wakka.

Jakes work can be found at github and he encourages the contribution of coders. He would like some help with AI programming for the game characters. He will refund the cost of that app to anyone that wants to help. Find more info on Wakka Wallpaper at xda-developers.