Miso brings social television, movies to Android

Miso brings the social web to your television and movie viewing habits, allowing users to associate Twitter and Facebook accounts to the app for sharing favorite shows via check-ins, and earn points and badges along the way. You know that hyper-connected friend that taps the fouresquare icon every time they set foot outside of the house? Well, now’s the time to make them aware that all they need to do to warrant a social report is flip the channel! But this app isn’t just for the super-social. It’s a strong contender for the must-have list of movie junkies as well.

Miso has been a hit on iOS and dropped on Android today, with under 50 downloads at the time of this writing. I should also mention that it has 5 stars in the Market, and has already garnered a list of praise-filled comments from adoring fans. Though, as one fan writes, it would be great to add game support. As it stands now, Miso lets you let your friends know what television show or movie your watching and post a comment on the title.

You don’t need to ask your friends what they watched last night. You can watch the same thing and share opinions at work the next day. Miso is free in the Android Market, and the smooth interface in pleasant to use. It’s definitely worth a download. You’ll find a QR Code at the end of this post.

Via Miso