More G2 possibilities and a 09/29 ship date

That early July leak of T-Mobile’s roadmap pegged the Vanguard (a.k.a. Vision, G2, Blaze, Desire Z, etc.) with a September 9th launch, but a TMoNews tipster claims we won’t see the HSPA+ gadget hit the street until September 29th. It does make sense, David from TMoNews points out, because we haven’t heard any leaks about the suspected pre-sale, as hinted at by T-Mobile on their G2 sub-site.

There’s been a bit of controversy lately over the purported capture of a WalMart product page for the G2, which, if real, was taken down very shortly after being activated. One of the primary points of contention – aside from the debatable authenticity of the screen grab – was that the device was listed as featuring Sense. This isn’t out of the realm of possibility, but we know that early units ran a vanilla Android. And considering that the phone is a “with Google” device, Sense seems unlikely. Also, if this device is to serve the same role in the T-Mobile line-up as the G1, of quintessential Android flagship touting a new service (on ’08 it was Android itself, in ’10, it’s HSPA+) then a bare bones install seems more appropriate. Not to mention that it would probably make the device one of the first to see 3.0, whereas Sense could delay the bump for some time.

Taylor of Android and Me reminds us why it looks like the phone will have an SLCD rather than AMOLED, and a 1GHz Snapdragon on board, rather than a dual-core, bleeding edge monster. But, again, in the spirit of what now appears to be a “G-series,” it makes sense for the QWERTY-sliding G2 to represent the current standard of Android, with an eye towards software upgrades. Although, the first time around, the G came first and everyone else followed. Maybe this phone has something under the hood that we haven’t thought of just yet. Something tells me HSPA+ and a killer keyboard won’t be the only selling points. Other rumored specs include a 3.7″ WVGA display and a 5MP cam.

Via TMoNews and Android and Me