More rumors of the Black Friday HTC tablet

Noah from PhoneDog has classified this HTC Chrome tablet for Verizon on Black Friday rumor as being totally bunk, but the details continue to spill out. Today’s rumor – amongst a flurry of news about Android tablets – says that the Chrome-powered slab will sport a display from N-Trig, an Israeli company that has provided multi-touch displays for HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

The other side of the rumor, which isn’t entirely new, is that the gadget will be called gPad. Yeah, totally original; not derivative in the least. If this thing is real, and does launch on Black Friday, manufactured by HTC, running Chrome OS, powered by a dual-core branded NVIDIA Tegra 2, and it’s called the gPad…I will boycot the whole shebang for the sake of the name, despite my lust for such a device. OK, maybe just for a few seconds, but seriously, that title sucks. Really. Other buzzed specs – which were said to come from within HTC – include 1280×720 resolution, 2 GB of RAM, 32GB SSD, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, and cam.

Image via Unwired View

Via IntoMobile