Motorola Charm demo turns up in T-Mobile stores

Jaroslav Stekl of iWebadroid found the Motorola Charm sitting in his local T-Mobile store yesterday, priced at $309 outright and $189.99 on a new contract with a $15.50 per month plan. Jeroslav points out that some killer superphones can be had for just $200 on a new contract, but I think a large number of people out there – particularly students – will be thrilled with the monthly bargain (and message-friendly form factor). After all, up front costs aside, $15.50 is a small fraction of the monthly commitment one enters into with a superphone.

The photos below depict dummy units, so I’m not sure if you can just walk into a Magenta location and try the Charm out for real at this point. But the opportunity can’t be far away.

Thanks, Jaroslav!

Motorola CharmMotorola Charm
Motorola Charm

Via iWebadroid