Motorola Sage in the wild

According to a recent photo leak of the Motorola MB508, or Sage, it would appear that Moto is up to their normal Android hijinx of trying to create the funkiest form-factor phones around. Not only does the low-end Sage sport a slide out physical keyboard (which isn’t exactly different), but it also looks to have some sort of unseen trackpad on the front of the device as well. Deciphering exactly what the trackpad is, or if it’s a trackpad at all, is a little tough considering the quality of the picture.

Here’s what we know about the Sage so far:

AT&T Bound
Android 2.1
3.1-inch touchscreen
physical keyboard
digital compass

I think the oddest thing to take away from all this is the name. First we had the Basil on T-Mobile (which turned out to be the Charm), and now the Sage? Hopefully, Motorola can can launch something with a little more pep like, oh say, the Cayenne. Releasing a ton of low-end GSM devices isn’t the worst idea for Motorola to embrace, but it’s certainly not the best.

Via Android Spin