Motorola/Google tablet slated for Verizon in November

Yesterday’s VZW leak offered up a release window in November for the Z600 Motorola tablet, possibly similar to the prototype pictured below (image by Android and Me from CES). And today, Noah from PhoneDog is reporting that he has it on very good authority that the product – code named Stingray – could very well launch on Black Friday, though there are concerns about whether or not the next version of Android, Gingerbread, will be ready for the holidays. Still, the Stingray is planned to be VZW’s major product for the season – planned to be running 3.0. It will run on VZW’s LTE (4G) network and mobile TV – not just VCast – will be a prominent selling point.

As for earlier rumors about an HTC/Google Chrome OS tablet coming to Big Red soon, sadly, Noah’s sources call bunk. Bummer. A boy can dream.

Via PhoneDog

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