New Verizon leak confirms phones, adds enTourage

It’s only been a couple of days since a massive leak from BGR made us all aware of the DROID Pro (a957), DROID 2 “World Edition” (a956), and the Motorola MZ600 tablet (now Stingray?). Now PhoneArena drops the most complete VZW roadmap leak hounds could possibly hope for, apparently leaked by “a trusty source.”

Not only are we given release windows for the aforementioned devices, but several new ones are introduced, including the HTC Merge, which packs a 10MP cam, the low-end Citrus, and the mid-range Continuum. Perhaps most interesting – or at least surprizing – is the inclusion of a couple of enTourage items in the line up.

Check out the lengthy list of details over at PhoneArena.

Via PhoneArena by way of Android and Me