Nimbuzz Version 2.0 brings its own VOIP solution NimbuzzOut

Android has lacked a proper VOIP solution for too long now. Existing options like Skype and Rebtel have a good amount of geographical and network provider limitations. Every VOIP solution has some unique features. However, none of them is feature complete. This time, another VOIP player Nimbuzz has joined the race with its NimbuzzOut.

NimbuzzOut is the VOIP technology incorporated into the latest version of Nimbuzz 2.0. As usually, it provides cheap local and international calls without using voice minutes. The new version will appear this Thursday and has some promising features.

To start with, NimbuzzOut can help users on unsupported networks use Skype VOIP. This option was available earlier only on platforms like iOS, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. Quentyn Kennemer at Phandroid tested the app and remarked,

Call quality was clear and I couldn’t find anything to complain about with that. This is probably due to them using the Jingle XMPP protocol which allows them to deliver unrivaled audio clarity for VoIP calls. I could tell that this wasn’t just a marketing bullet: it performed just as great as using Skype on my laptop.

NimbuzzOut allows you to hook into other VOIP services and use them as if it was has native support. Additional networks can be added by entering their settings. In short, this app has hacked the restrictions many networks and VOIP service impose on you. The only feature Nimbuzz lacks is the group conversation feature. However, now that Nimbuzz has jumped into the field, it will bring new features too.

For detailed hands-on review of the new Nimbuzz, have a look at this video.

(Source: Phandroid)

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