PayPal 2.0.0 for Android

It was just announced today, that PayPal has released the newest version of their mobile app for Android, 2.0.0. So what’s new in the update? Quite possibly the coolest update is a Bump feature for sending money between accounts. Two Android devices both using the app can simply press “Tap to Bump phones,” then Bump and set up the transfer. Neat right? Other features include:

+Brand new look and feel.
+Withdraw funds from your PayPal balance.
+Request money.
+Reminders for rent/bills
+Split the Bill.

Another new feature worth mentioning twice is Split the Bill. Using STB, you can enter the amount of your bill (like when eating out), calculate the tip, and then instantly request money from the people you are splitting the bill with.

PayPal plans to use these new features (plus the astounding amount of new Android users) to hit the mobile world hard. In the last six months alone the company has seen more business on their mobile apps than in all of 2009. By the end of 2010, they hope to have generated half a billion dollars of mobile payment volume.

I’ve got a chance to play with the app for a while, and if you use PayPal on a daily/weekly basis, you’re gonna love it. For more information on the update, hit up the link to the PayPal Blog here, and be sure to grab the app from the market now.