“Real HDMI” fix for DROID X

If you are an A/V hound and own a DROID X, or you watched my video comparing the HDMI abilities of the current flagship Androids, then you know that the DROID X, for which Verizon sells an HDMI cable at $30, had very limited support for the feature, relegating the port to an enticing selling point and not much else. “I can look at my gallery on HDTV via the HDMI-out? Great.” End of novelty.

Thank goodness some savvy developers have stepped forward to pick up where Motorola left off. Real HDMI by GmanApps is $1.99 in the Android Market and allows you to see applications, such as games, and DRM-free media from your favorite player on the living room set. Audio is transported via HDMI, so you won’t need any sloppy, multi-cable set up. I no longer have a DROID X on hand (the only device this app works with) so I can’t offer up a video demonstration. But the few reviews the app has received in the Market are positive, and it sounds like the kind of app that merits a purchase and test run, at least.

Via Android Police