Samsung Epic to launch August 11th? Dunno.

Oh it’s time to play that game again. Is this device gonna launch this day? You have proof? You had proof? Of course, you should take this with your normal recommended daily rumor-salt allotment, but it looks pretty legit. Android Central has their hands on a leaked Sprint play-book that says the 11th of this month is going to mark the release of the Samsung Epic 4G… at least it did. Shortly after the leak was outed, the play-book was changed to say “New Edition of the Show.” Nothing less, nothing more. So at this point, no one is really sure when the device is launching. Sprint could have changed the date for some reason or another, or they could have just taken it off as to prevent any further leaks like this. Originally, we thought that the release date would be August 20th. Either way, the Epic will be out soon. Be it the 11th or the 20th, that’s only a few weeks away. Show of hands, how many people out there are waiting for this bad boy? If I was on Sprint, it certainly would be tempting.



Via Android Central