Samsung Vibrant deals: $99, $89

The Samsung Vibrant is arguably (without question, in my book) the hottest Android T-Mobile has available at the moment. The Galaxy S series alone has brought Samsung into the same playing field as HTC and Motorola, so the mega-bargains below are nothing to shake a stick at. If you’ve been waffling on the Vibrant, now’s the time to take the plunge.

T-Mobile is running a one day sale that will get you a Samsung Vibrant for just $99.00 with a two-year contract. Good grief. Is there any reason at the moment to tie yourself to a handset like the Intercept? I think not.

If that’s not good enough, and you’ve got the nerve to trust a much smaller name, Best Carrier Deals has the Vibrant listed for just $89 on contract. Wow! Still, as great a deal as that is, I think I would personally play it safe and purchase that little extra piece of mind that comes with a T-Mo purchase for the extra 10 spot.

Via TMoNews and DroidDog readers