Samsung Vibrant [T-Mobile] Questions & Requests

Well, my time with Magenta’s flavor of the Galaxy S has come to an end. I enjoyed my time with the phone and am impressed with Samsung’s deliberate and dramatic 180 on the Android stage. But, as stunning as the device is in terms of specs, UI, display, and overall “wow,” I still see room for improvement in the chasis department. I guess Sammy still has some work cut out for them.

I will be writing my Vibrant review in the near future and will discuss most of the stuff contained in the video below. Still, I wanted to give you all a crack at some Q&R. I fumbled a bit on this one, specifically in two areas: one person requested to see the performance of a particular game. I filmed it, and the clip’s audio was botched. Sorry about that. Second, someone requested some photo comparisons showing shots with and without Night Mode. I put together some great ones. Then, before sending the phone off, I wiped it without realizing that I hadn’t transferred the photos over to my computer yet. Woops. I’m only human, folks. In their place (below the video where I’ll be telling you to look for them) I’ve included some samples. From TMoNews.

My apologies for any questions and requests that I missed.

Lock screen controls, night mode camera, multitouch performance/multitouch keyboard, exchange calendar, music player , Quadrant Standard, Linpack, Neocore, free memory, stock launcher

Without Night Mode

With Night Mode: