Sony Ericsson bringing PSP gaming platform and phone to Android world

Before I mention anything else, I need to clearly state that the image below is a mock-up, created by Engadget, designed to give us a little taste of what Sony Ericsson’s upcoming PlayStation phone could look like, based on specific details that they have gleened about the phone. Now then…

Engagdet is reporting today that a trusted source revealed the product which is nearing the end of development, and described it as a cross between Samsung’s Captivate and the PSP Go. They’re told that the XPERIA brand will sit alongside that of PlayStation.

Software-wise, the device is set to launch with a custom skin on top of Android 3.0, Gingerbread, and feature a custom section in the Android Market, like carriers have done for preferred and custom apps. Hardware specs sound sketchy, but the current buzz is a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP cam, and a WVGA display somewhere around 4 inches.

Engadget says the device could launch as early as October of this year, and offers up the following words of comfort for the doubters:

“Right now we’re working on getting even more detail about the phone and partnership, but we can tell you now that this is not a random rumor — we have reason to believe that what we’ve heard and seen is real and coming to market. ”

I guess now we know where SE’s efforts have been focused while the X10 series has been fading into irrelevance.

Via Engadget


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