T-Mobile G2 official renders

While we have all seen our fair share of the upcoming T-Mobile G2 (inside and out), nothing does a device justice like a some official render goodness. The guys from over at CellPhoneSignal claim that’s exactly what they have:

Take that gorgeous keyboard, that sleek profile, and those stark colors… throw in a new Qualcomm MSM7x30 with a 3.7″ screen… you’ve got one amazing follow up to the grand daddy of all Android devices.

On an interesting note, CellPhoneSignal not only claims the G2 will be shipping with Sense, which we know isn’t true, but they also say it’s coming with an AMOLED screen. That would almost surely set T-Mobile up for massive shortages just as soon as the device is available. Of course, keep in mind that none of the specs on the G2 are positive until T-Mobile says they are. With the rumored release only a month away, that shouldn’t be long now.

Via Android Central