The Saturday Wrap: 8/14/2010

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Congratulations owners of the original Motorola DROID, you now have a little brother to watch over. Greetings denizens of DroidDog, and welcome to another Saturday Wrap. This week has been big for a number of reasons, the biggest of all being the release of the DROID 2. Of course there was also that Dell Streak news, and TweetDeck for Android, and the Desire HD making news again… Like I said, big week. Before we get into anything else though, let’s jump into everything DROID 2 we got:

Device news:

The best thing about the DROID 2 finally being released (other than the fact those of you who have been waiting for it can finally buy it) is that there will finally be no more leaks. In my experience with Android, this has been the most leaked device to date. Let’s go over everything we saw leaked in just the past week alone:

My top 5 Reasons to look forward to the Droid 2
DROID 2 in the Sunday paper
DROID 2 mini-roundup
DROID 2 spec sheet
DROID 2 Live Wallpaper leaked
R2-DROID2 out and about
DROID 2 hands on video
DROID 2 pre-sale is live

I wasn’t kidding eh? Now that the device has launched, expect to see more coverage from us including a great comparison piece you won’t wanna miss. Until then, here’s a quick first impressions write up and a new commercial to hold you over.

In other device news, rumors of T-Mobile’s new fall lineup are getting hotter by the day. We’ve got trademark filings, rumors that the myTouch HD is the HTC Desire HD, and an HTC event that’s being speculated to mark the official unveiling of the HTC Desire HD. Stay tuned for more coverage on that event on September 15th. Let the countdown begin!

Here’s some more posts on device news that you don’t wanna miss:

Smarter is here: the US launch of “all new” X10
Motorola Charm shows up at

Motorola Charm demo turns up in T-Mobile stores
Augen ships Android Market without authorization
Is this the HTC Desire HD?
QWERTY-rockin’ Verizon world phone
Introducing: General Dynamics’ GD300
Motorola to fix DROID X volume woes
HTC Aria scavenger hunt part deux
Verizon roadmap leak
Sony Ericsson bringing PSP gaming platform and phone to Android world
Images of Archos 32 media player pop up
Sprint Premier customers can reserve the Epic 4G now
Sprint Samsung Epic 4G available for preorder right now
EVO 4G Vs. Epic 4G: which one is right for me?
Another Look at Samsung’s Galaxy S PMP
Samsung unveils Galaxy S accessories
Dell Streak available for $300 online, 2.1 firmware leaked
Dell Thunder prototype on video
Huawei t62w

Software news:

This weeks big software news come to us in the form of an announcement from Google. On August 12th, Google held a press conference to discuss some exciting new features coming to Android. Those features are new voice actions, and Chrome to phone. To read up on the announcement, check out John’s post here where you can also watch some informative videos.

In other software news, Android hacking and modding is bigger than ever, and Motorola may be ready to finally move on from the mess that has become BLUR. Take a look:

Motorola to nix BLUR?
Galaxy S “lag fix” makes phones FLY
Galaxy S overclocking may get crazy
New CyanogenMod boot animation (Video)
HTC pushes Froyo OTA for those that jumped the gun
EVO and Incredible rooted…forever?
PSA: SMS Trojan for Android on the loose
Droid 2 Multi-Touch Keyboard Ported To Incredible And Other Devices
Droid Incredible rumored to get Froyo on Aug. 18

App news:

If you don’t know what the big headliner in app news this week was, you must be living under a rock… a rock with no wifi access… or data signal… anyway… One word people, TweetDeck (it still counts as one word). First the beta was announced by the TweetDeck blog. Then we saw a quick teaser video. Then some crazy (bad) leaks hit the web. And now finally, we have an official beta. For the full run-down and links to download said beta, check out this post here.

Here’s some more app news to take a look over:

Add columns to TweetDeck for Android
BlindType promo video
Free app RepairPal for Android launched
Disturbing Nazi Theme on Android Market (Now Removed)

Videos and reviews:

This week we have three reviews to go over. Let’s take a second to do just that.

Carlos got a chance to go over the hotly discussed TweetDeck for Android, and decided to tape it all. In the video above, he goes over just about everything you could want to see in the app. What do you guys think? Personally, I don’t like it (inb4flaming).

Next up we have Justin’s review of Camera 360. The in depth review covers digital zoom, tap to focus, and tilt shift mode among other amazing effects. There is a free and pro version in the market now, but be sure to read the review to get a good feel for what to expect first. You won’t be disappointed.

Last up we have John’s psychedelic tripped-out groovy review of aSpiritBomb live wallpaper. I really don’t want to spoil it for you, but I will tell you this: Colors. Lots and lots of pretty colors.


Well, that’s all for this week. Stay tuned to the double D for everything Android including news, reviews, apps, and more. Until next time, enjoy!