The Saturday Wrap: 8/21/2010

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Salutations DroidDog readers, and welcome to another edition of the Saturday Wrap. Just like every week, we have seen a lot of content come through the doors of DD. Also just like every week, there is one story that grabs the attention of anyone who passes by. So what was it this week? This week would easily have to be the HTC G2 from T-Mobile. Early adopters of Android, and by early I mean the first, finally have their true successor. While we may not yet know everything, we know a lot more now than we did a week. Let’s get right into this:

Device news:

With the newest round of G2 leaks, we can safely say our knowledge on the device has expanded immensely. Simply know what the device looks like can justify saying that. However, there is still a lot we don’t know. Is the G2 the same as the Desire Z? What are the exact specs? How much will it be? When will it release? Here’s what we think we know: The G2 is most likely the same device as the Desire Z. The specs of the G2 and DZ both match up with the specs listed for the G2 “Blaze” that was once listed on WalMarts website. All three devices also share one common mystery, the exact firmware and UI. DZ says 2.1, WalMart says Sense, and it’s been going around for awhile now that the G2 with Google will be stock vanilla. So really, who knows. The specs are at least a 3.7″ screen, and Snapdragon processor, and a hard QWERTY. We know that for sure. Pricing is still up in the air, but if I had to guess, $199 on contract is the norm here. Finally, release is complicated. Originally, we heard September 9th. We would know more if that was true. Then we heard the 29th of September. That makes a lot more sense. But, there is also whispers of an early release for current customers and employees.

Phew. Feel caught up now? Good. While T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ Android handset my have stolen the spotlight, that doesn’t mean nothing else deserves some attention. Here’s some more posts you may wanna check out:

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Software news:

Usually the software news section is taken over by one thing or another. This week, it’s a pretty even mix. Although I must admit, the most exciting news certainly belongs in the updates category. Just yesterday, a ROM for the DROID X hit the internet that was none other than genuine Froyo. For instructions on how to update your DROID X, be sure to read the post here. As always, only you are responsible for what you do to your device, but this seems to be pretty legit. Here’s some more software news to read up on:

Galaxy S GPS fix in testing phase
Adobe’s Flash 10.1 comes out of beta, AIR on the way
US Dell Streaks could jump 2.1, go straight for the Froyo
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Gingerbread, then Honeycomb
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Factory firmware for Samsung Tab availble, even if the device isn’t

App news:

This week was big for apps for more than just the apps themselves. For a long time now, buying apps has been, well quite frankly, a pain. You have to use a credit card or rely on the instability of carrier billing. If the Android Market lacks one thing, it’s consistency with how you purchase apps. According to Bloomberg, Google is said to be in talks with PayPal to work on making their service an option for purchasing apps in the Android Market. While PayPal may not be the best option for everyone, Android is all about choices. Personally, I’d jump at the chance to use PayPal over a credit card. It’s an added level of security that some of us have been using for years now. Look for more information to come on when and if the option will be available. Until then, here’s some apps to check out while you wait:

AlwaysOnPC for Android
audiogalaxy repurposed for dead simple streaming
Baby Savers game dev wants testers

id Software FPS titles coming to Android?
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Tumblr for Android
TweetDeck for Android update: v0.9.3
Nifty Swype themes for MetaMorph users
Droidcon London 2010 tickets on sale
Building a Twitter client with Google App Inventor

Videos and reviews:

This week we have two great reviews for you. One on Quadrant Standard from Marques and one on Vignette from Carlos.

Quadrant Standard has quickly become the standard in Android benchmarking applications. In the video above, Marques goes over exactly how QS benchmarks your Android device. Anyone interested in more info on the subject will find the review well worth a watch.

Carlos’ review of Vignette will interest anyone who out there who uses their phone as a camera… in other words… just about everyone. Check out the review here for an overview of the camera replacement “rich with features from flash settings, to editing the pre-set effects that the application comes with.”


Well guys, there ya have it. Don’t forget to join us again next week for another Wrap with everything Android we can muster up. I leave you this week with some ponderings on “Cellular FM receivers, Congress, and you.” Until next time, enjoy!