Toshiba Smartpad to be shown at IFA

It’s now being said that the new Toshiba Smartpad, which we first learned about last week, will indeed be shown off at IFA early this September. Rumor is the Smartpad will still go into production with a Tegra 2 and and 10″ screen, but of course none of this is confirmed until the device is unveiled. One thing we can confirm, is what the device looks like:

Judging by the picture, and what Notebook Italia has contributed, we know the device has a power indicating LED, 4 buttons on the front, flush glass screen, metal trim, stereo speakers, HDMI, webcam, standard and mini USB. With the way this device is shaping up, things could get interesting. Look for more information on the Smartpad coming soon. Something tells me IFA is going to be pretty interesting this year.

Via Android Guys

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