Tweetdeck Beta Coming this week!

The moment we have all been waiting for (maybe just me)  is about to happen this week. Yep, confirmed on Tweetdeck’s Blog found  here, the long awaited Android app will be ready for public consumption via a public beta being released on an unannounced date this week.  Whats interesting is unlike most apps that are already on the iOS platform, Tweetdeck and its developers have written its Android app from the ground up and is using it as a base for how its Desktop and iOS apps will be re-written. So it seems Tweetdeck’s delay in an Android app may have actually been worth it but will have to  get our hands on the public beta before any assumptions can be made. I use Tweetdeck on my PC and really will appreciate the synergy between my mobile and my desktop.  Look for the app this week and give @tweedeck a follow on Twitter for the latest news and blog updates.